Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Lee Gulch

Lee Gulch is a pretty little creek that runs through my neighborhood. Littleton has some great trails that cross at Lee Gulch and both are right by my house. Indeed, my wife chose this house for the kitchen; I chose it for the running trails. I can run for dozens of miles on nothing but manicured trails throughout the South Suburban area.

Today is Christmas as I mentioned in my last post and I went for an easy 3 mile run. In 6 inches of snow, that turned out to be a bit of an effort especially climbing up the hill back to the house. I was so proud of my neighbors as I went for my run at 2:00 PM hoping for the warmest part of the day. For most of my run, I was not breaking new trail; dozens of tracks and ski trails criss-crossed the fresh powder even as the snow continues to fall. No wind, just crisp air and the sound of the creek rushing through its courses. For a suburban neighborhood, this feels pretty exotic.

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Brendan said...

Coach Vigil always said it wasn't Cross Country until you ran through water... course he would have put a fallen tree across your trail too had he been there ;). I see you didn't brave the elliptical that you put together for Loan, it would seem trusting that thing was more daunting than the snow? I'm glad you went out, it's when you don't want to that you have to. Today as I was finishing my run (put in 7 today), I got to the driveway and I remember you forcing me to run all the way to the house. I didn't feel like running up to the house, but I did anyway. Figure if I'm going to look like I'm racing this summer, but start looking like I'm training. Here's to never stopping in the middle of the hill.

Ur little Bro