Thursday, January 10, 2008

5 AM - 24 Degrees

Yesterday, Calvin remarked that he was awake at 5 and thought of going for a run. Such a polite young man, he asked if he could get me up to go with him. At his age, I'd have just walked into my dad's room and woken him up. Calvin may be destined to become a great lawyer some day.

So this morning, the alarm went off at 5 and my new weather clock (thanks mom and dad) and reported the outside temperature at 24 degrees. Sure enough, Cal was waiting outside my door. So out we went for about 2.5 miles.

I was recalled to a workout in 1985 when I met up with Peter Graham for a winter-break effort on the track at Santa Fe High. I was bundled in tights, sweatshirts, hat, gloves... Pete showed up in shorts and long-sleeve shirt. He remarked that the temperature at about freezing was not bad compared to Alamosa cold. I swore I wouldn't go there [;-)

But Peter was always someone I admired, so I eventually convinced myself I could run up there. Today, as I stepped into the cold, I just had shorts and a sweatshirt. What I learned from my days in the "land of cool sunshine" is you can stand considerable cold if your chest and ears are warm.

Tomorrow, I'll take a hat.

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