Sunday, January 20, 2008


For today's exercise, Calvin and I visited Loveland Ski Area to continue our development of snow-boarding. We found the ski area wind-swept and bitter cold. We hit the slopes by 10 and boarded until 2. We took a 30 minute break to eat chili and warm up.

I was excited to develop my toe-side turns today. I have struggled to develop the toe-side and have spent my 5 days of snow-boarding experienceusing heel-side brakes and turns. I've become proficient at heel-side turns leading with either foot, so I can handle most slopes safely. I also had good success dismounting the lifts today only falling twice. I've never had a day where I didn't fall more often than not.

Calvin is doing well with his boarding. Naturally, he is more daring than I am. He hit some jumps today as well as his head [;-)

My proudest moment was when I completed a 180 degree toe-side turn around a hairpin turn.

The funniest piece of boarding is how when you get tired, you just fall down a lot. The legs give out and you're on the ground. When I watched Cal fall four times for no apparent reason, I figured our day was over.

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