Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ham Radio Contacts 7-15-09

CQ CQ CQ de KT5X/p K

Wednesday we drove the XTerra Off-Road high into the mountains above Leadville, CO. The forest access road might reject lesser vehicles, sending them back with a holed oil pan or broken suspension, the XTerra didn't notice any difficulty.

We parked about 12,600ft elevation. We raised the DK9SQ mast with a G5RV antenna, connected the Elecraft K2, and went for it.

Conditions were poor, however we worked stations in IA, MN, IL, MI, and NC, including one FOC club member, Jack, W0UCE. All were excellent copy here on loud speaker. Several Jeeps passed by and didn't know what to make of the Morse breaking the silence of the mountains.

After packing up we went fly fishing.

73, FD KT5X/p

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