Sunday, July 12, 2009

The trek begins

Santa Fe, NM
Having traveled down to my parent's home and attended a friend's wedding in Albuquerque last night, we now set off in quest of 14,000' peaks. Tonight we will be in Buena Vista and will look to make our first ascent in the morning. Dad continues his planning of every detail he can imagine. I am dreaming up inspirational messages to spout on each climb. And Calvin has remarked "I never agreed to this."

So the team is comfortably settling into our roles for the expedition. All tests of my loaner EeePC uses the cellular modem of my phone well and I have done some test broadcasts on Our equipment is ready (we'll do a video of that on another post). And the road beckons.

One more dose of incomparable Santa Fe chili and we begin our quest north. And so now for my first inspirational quote... the music of "Man of La Mancha" rings in my ears:

Hear me heathens and wizards and servants of sin. All your dastardly doings are past! For a holy endeavor is now to begin. And virtue shall triumph at last! I am I Don Quixote the Lord of La Mancha. My destiny calls and I go! And the wild winds of fortune shall carry me onward. O wither so ever they blow. Wither so ever they blow! Onward to glory I go!

Destination 7AM 7-13-09: Mount Columbia Trail Head Summit by 11AM for a live broadcast.

Dinner in Buena Vista... want to find us? Send Calvin a tweet or post a comment here. Calvin's twitter account is adistar756.


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