Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keep tabs on us!

So next week, we plan to engage in our mountain runs to the tops of 14ners in Colorado... my Dad, my son and I. Three generations of runners ascending some of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the world... and armed with communications and publishing technology.

When: 7-12-09 through 7-17-09

My Dad: Fred Maas, KT5X will transmit via QRP low power Ham Radio.

My son: Calvin Maas, will tweet and Facebook from the summits using his cell phone. Twitter: adistar756 Facebook: Calvin Maas

Me: Dan Maas, will broadcast live ustream.tv using an ASUS EeePC Tablet and cellular modem.

Live Broadcasts are set for 11:00 AM daily on this channel:

Now for some serious summit seeking!

1 comment:

Howard said...

Hi Dan,
As a former marathoner, dad to former collegiate runners and coach...oh yes radio amateur it looks like we have some things in common. I have shared some e-mails today with ur dad. Wish you guys the best of luck in ur ascent. I'll be following.
GL. Howard..K2HK