Monday, July 13, 2009

Mt Coumbia becomes Mt Harvard

So we intended to ascend Mt Columbia this morning as we headed into the wilderness armed with water, energy bars, cell phones, flip video camera, digital camera and EeePC... but no signs indicated a turn to Columbia and we found ourselves drifting up valley much further back in and finally faced Mt Harvard.

Well, no worries mate! Mt. Harvard is only taller and further away than Columbia, so let's go anyway. Along the route we found some mountain goat fur left from when the locals bedded down for the night. Cal wondered if maybe next year we could come back and look for more... I suggested that such a find is akin to catching a fly ball in a major league baseball park.

We summitted and attempted the live video stream. Cal had already sent some tweets (adistar756) and I let my twitter friends know I was about to broadcast. Embedded below is a recording of the first ustream video... awful in fact, but a gallant attempt. I need to figure out how to adjust the white balance because the sun was SO bright up there... but I could not read the screen to deal with the problem.

So, here is the feed. I am preparing a video from the flip and I have slide show to upload into picasa... so check back in a few and you can see some better images of our 7 hour escapade.

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