Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mt Yale Slide Show

This morning, we ascended Mt Yale. To quote Dad, "this trail doesn't mince words." Yes, straight into the hill for mile after mile. We were able to run at the peak for the first 2 miles as we made our way through the forest, but once above timber, it was power walking all the way.

We overhauled a number of hikers on the slope and intercepted a youth group at the shoulder. We joined them as we rock-hopped across the ridge to the summit only finding ourselves hung out over a granite cliff once along the way (word to the wise, the trail is along the south face of the ridge [;-). Dad took some photos which I have embedded here.

We tried cell service to do a live broadcast but were unable to get enough signal strength. There was just enough signal to send a text message or a choppy call. We stayed for about 30 minutes and then descended like perverbial bats from you know where...


Brendan Maas said...

Jealousy doen't begin to describe it! Good job boys, enjoy your escape.

djm said...

I was in WalMart, wandering among the paper products, when I received a phone call from the top of Mt. Yale! Two 14ers in two days...I'm so pleased for you!
Debby Maas, WMG*
*Wife, Mother, Grandmother